Our goal is to buy real estate wholesale and sell real estate wholesale or help people to buy a home and enjoy the benefits of home ownership that might not otherwise qualify for traditional loans.


We have recently expanded our resources to include real estate in the *Philippines. Whether beach front property, farm or jungle the Philippines offers some of the most unparallelled real estate opportunities imaginable. Over 7,000 islands in this Galapagos with crystal clear waters it is a swimmer, diver, and snorkelers, paradise full of colorful sea life and coral. Activities include boating, shark whale watching, and touring thousands of sandy beaches, hidden bays, and excellent golfing it is a country of friendly people with English spoken very common, and a wonderful climate make this one of the best kept secrets for retiring in the world.


We also help sellers who want to sell their homes or property “FOR SALE BY OWNER” or otherwise often referred to as FSBO, by providing marketing ideas and access to FREE real estate advertising both in Colorado and in the Philippines..

SAC Real Estate Services offers FREE seminars on how to make money in real estate in any market and to acquire income property with little or no money down in Colorado.

SAC Real Estate Services provides back-up and support services to the real estate industry and FSBO including marketing, property management, and general office services.

We also offer property management services for the smaller investors with less than 10  properties to rent or sell at reasonable rates.

We also offer minor construction and repairs to prepare a property to be sold or rented at reasonable rates for “our customers properties only” including FSBO owners and sellers as part of our property management services.

We also provide access to FREE real estate forms. We offer FREE market analysis and FREE tips and ideas to sell your home without a real estate agent as a FSBO if that is what our customers want to do.

We also provide suggestions and ideas as to why it can be benefit our customers who want to buy or sell real estate in Colorado or the Philippines to use a licensed agent as compared to FSBO.

Whether you want to buy or sell real estate in Colorado or the Philippines please call SAC Real Estate Services for all your real estate needs whether you want to buy, rent or sell in Colorado or the Philippines.

*PHILIPPINE REAL ESTATE OWNERSHIP: It is very important if you are considering owning property in the Philippines that you have a clear understanding of the Philippine laws of real estate ownership. Foreigners (except Chinese) can not actually own real estate in the Philippines directly, however there are ways all the benefits of real estate ownership can still be accomplished. We will be happy to assist and answer questions just use the Contact Us link on our website.